What is Gold fin technology in air conditioners?

Condenser coils play an important role in the functioning of the air conditioner. It is important to maintain condenser and evaporative coil and ensure that they do not rust or corrode.

Corrosion can damage the coil and cause the refrigerant to leak, which affects your AC performance.


Manufacturers use copper and aluminum as the main metals for the manufacture of AC coils. These metals are the best heat conductors. However, copper is relatively expensive.
As a result, you will find many AC manufacturers using aluminum coils soldered to copper tubes. The use of two different metals can cause corrosion called galvanic corrosion. The use of a single metal can prevent this galvanic corrosion.

The AC condenser tubes are in constant contact with water. The atmosphere contains moisture. You also find a lot of acid salts in the atmosphere, especially in coastal areas. Moisture and salts can accumulate on the surface of the coils and affect the overall performance of the air conditioner.


The best way to solve this problem is to coat the condenser coils with epoxy. The epoxy coating does not allow the accumulation of acid salts and moisture on the coils. Manufacturers call it Blue Fin technology. Manufacturers like Blue Star use this procedure to protect them.

In addition to salts and acid content, the water droplets adhered to condenser coils can also cause rust. Therefore, you need a unique coating that prevents water droplets from settling on the walls of the coils. This coating has a low surface tension. As a result, the water slips and prevents the coils from rusting.

This unique technology is referred to as Gold Fin technology. These condensers are also known as hydrophilic condensers.


The difference between Blue Fin and Gold Fin technology

The difference between Fine Gold Technology and Fine Blue Technology is that it prevents coil rust, increasing coil life and improving air conditioner performance.
The other benefit of Gold Fin technology is that hydrophilic condensers improve heating efficiency in reverse cycle models by speeding up the defrosting process. Heat exchange performance improves when you coat the walls of the condenser with distinctive layers of Gold Fin corrosion inhibitors.


Gold Fin technology helps protect condenser coils from external damage from the accumulation of water, acids and other salts from the atmosphere. In doing so, this technology improves the overall life of air conditioners. This also explains why air conditioner manufacturers with Gold Fin technology offer warranties of up to ten years.

Image Source : LG