Top 5 Best Bean Bags in India: 2019 Reviews & Ultimate Guide

Bean bag has now become popular and trending furniture. There are three main reasons that many people are liking bean bags – aesthetics, power, and health.

It is very difficult that furniture is often inconvenient and does not support your body’s ergonomics. But a bean bag supports the natural curves and movements of your body.

In addition, bean bags are also useful in maintaining and improving the posture of the body, because they help in stabilizing and stabilizing muscles. Apart from this, there are many other advantages of Bean bags, which make them a worthy replacement for traditional and inconvenient furniture.

Bean bags are available in different shapes, sizes, and colors according to individual needs. Selection of these options can be overwhelming. This is why we have provided a “buy guide” for the bean bag. Apart from this, we have also picked up the top bean bags available in India. Take a look at them …

Best Bean Bags in India
Best Bean Bags in India

Top 5 Bean Bags in India: 2019 Reviews

1. Solimo XXXL Bean Bag Cover 

Solimo is a premium brand in Bean Bag Market. They are known to provide premium quality products at a great cost. Each bean bag is carefully designed from Solimo and is designed to provide exceptional quality at affordable prices.

Leithart fabric is used to make an outer shell of this bean bag. It comes with a Fabric Fabric Resistance Feature which helps keep your color from regular wear and tier. The double sewing bean bag provides extra strength and extends its life. Close of velcro and zipper provides double protection and prevents beans from getting out.

His stylish look and durability are the perfect fit for any interior contemporary home. It comes with a handle strap which makes portable to move around the house without any difficulty. These bean bags come in different sizes – XL, XXL, and XXL. And besides, this product is available in three colors – red, black and brown. You can choose any size and color according to your requirements.

Since this product does not come with beans, you have to buy them separately. According to the manufacturer, you may need to fill the XXXL bag for 2kg, 1.5kg for XXL and 1.25kg for XL bean bag. Double XL Solimo Bean bag weight can be up to 80 kg. The more size, the more weight it can handle. Therefore, while shopping, be sure to analyze your needs and buy the product.

Since it does not come with beans, you can fill according to your needs. Bean bags that are already filled up are actually more expensive. For cleaning and maintenance, you can wipe the outer surface with a wet/dry cloth. This bean bag comes with a 1-year limited warranty against manufacturing defects.

Things that we liked:

High-quality materials used
Prompt delivery service from the brand
Good zip cover is provided
There is a wide open to refreshing rest
Double stitching for extra strength
Double protection of zipper and velcro
Comes with 1-year limited warranty


2. Caddyfull Muddha  XXXL Bean Bag Cover

CaddyFull is a local brand that offers good quality bean bags. Although most of us do not know about this brand, the MUDDHA bean bag cover is very good and is perfectly worth the price.

High-quality leathers are used to make this product. It only comes in brown color, no color options available. This brown bean bag gives a beautiful and aesthetic sense to any interior of any kitchen. You can put this product in any room, which includes a bedroom, living room, dining, garden and gaming room.

You can spend many hours in this bean bag without the backache. As it is given in the pre-assembly state, you may have to work your mind to collect it. Due to double stitches, extra power zipper and velcro closure, regular wear and tear provide longevity and protection.

Things we like:

Good quality
Fully worth the price
Nice and stylish design
Sit back
No assembly required
Durable leather
Double sewing and extra power gippers for safety

3. Comfy Bean Lounger XXXL Bean Bag Cover

The Comfy Bean Lounge is a stylish, elegant and modular chair that supports your curves and offers a comfortable seating experience. Because of this, it is considered to be the perfect furniture for many activities, such as watching movies, gaming, reading, and resting.

It is specially designed to give optimum comfort to your legs, head, and shoulders. Unlike any other traditional furniture, this bean bag has no strange arm or hinges. Since it is very light in weight, you can move it around the house without any problems.

This bean bag can be used for both indoor and outdoor. Actually, this is a great addition to the dorm room, recreation, bedroom, and living room. As high-quality leathers are used, this product will last longer and is able to handle regular wear and tear.

Generally, most bean bags have only one color. But the Comfort Bean bag comes in double colors. Each piece of material is carefully selected and selected for strength and stability. Extra-power seams, zippers and velcro bean bags hold tightly when the weight is kept.

Things that we liked:

Quality is excellent
light in weight
Smooth, stylish and gorgeous
Perfect for any home decor
High-quality leather material


5. Sattava XXXL Bean Bag Cover

This classic style comes from Bean Bag Sattva, which is one of the leading brands of bean bag makers in India. It comes in an attractive and stylish dark brown color that corresponds to the modern decoration of your home or office.

It is made from premium leather material and comes in size XXL. The seam’s premium sewing provides additional power and makes it more sustainable. To fill this bean bag requires 2 kg of the bean.

Satta bean bag should be a classic product for any home or office place because it not only enhances but also adds a touch of elegance internally.

Things we like:

Good quality of material
worth the price
Hard and comfortable
Attractive colors
Clear instructions are given

6. KJ Original Mudda XXXL Bean Bag Cover

The KJ Original MUDDA cover is one of the premium quality bean bags present in the Indian market. This sofa bean bag cover is available in standard XXL size and comes in a charming black color.

It is made of quality leather fabric which is fading and resistant to tears. Seam has double sewing facilities for better robustness and durability. As it is a sofa bean bag cover, it takes about 4kgs to completely fill it.

In this bean bag, double security velcro and zipper is locked and prevents the beans from spreading out. As it is lightweight, you can easily carry this product from one place to another without any problem.

Things we like:

Leather material is good
Plus size is suitable for people
Can handle any weight
Regular wear and tear does not fade with color


Things to watch while shopping bean bags

Bean bag is really a fun and affordable alternative to bringing elegance to any room or office. They are perfect for comfort because it provides comfort and support to your curves and muscles. As they come in different sizes and sizes, we often get confused on the way to choose bean bags. Buying the wrong option will not be comfortable and you can waste money too.

That’s why we have prepared this purchase guide for bean bag. This includes all the information needed to analyze the options and to choose the right according to your needs. Have a clear eye on each factor before making any decision.

1. Choose Which – With Inner Liners Or Without Bean?

Based on their bean holding type, bean bags are classified into two – with inner liners and without inner liners. Well, both have their own advantages and disadvantages. We recommend understanding them before making a choice.

a. Bean bag with inner liners

These types represent a bean bag which comes in an inner bag. In some cases, the accident outside the bag can be damaged or torn by the animal, so that the bean will spread on the floor. It is difficult to clean beans because they are light in weight. And apart from that, they are quite dangerous if your child or pet is eating or living. So, this is the reason that bean bags are more beneficial with an internal bag.

There are all beans in the inner bag and the outer bag is provided for aesthetic sense. The outer bag can be washed, removed and replaced without worrying about the bean. See the table below, representing the advantages and drawbacks of bean bags with internal liners. It helps in analyzing whether it is your choice or not.

B. Bean bag without the inner bag

This type of bean bag is actually more popular than the internal bag. You need to add the bean bag with the inner liners to get comfort. With more space, Bean spreads all corners independently, offers more support and comfort than other types. However, if there is a crack or tear, the bean inside will fall on the floor. The fabric used for such bean bags will not be washable with the machine. For cleaning and maintenance, you just have to wipe them with a wet or dry cloth.

Which one is the best…?

The answer to this question really depends on your interest and needs. If you wash with a machine or prefer dry-clean bean bag, then select the product with the inner liner. However, if you want a heavy-duty outdoor beanbag, it is better to go with the product without the inner liner.

1. Which size is right for me?

When buying a bean bag, it becomes very important to understand which size suits you. Alternatively, you will end up with a bean bag which is either too big or too small. Usually, bean bags come in extra small, small, medium, large, XL, XXL and XXL sizes. While additional small, small and medium sizes are suitable for children, upper side sizes are better suited for adults.

2. Which size is comfortable?
Bean bags come in four different sizes – Teardrop, Armchair, SAC, and Cylinder. The sack is the most popular bean bag size that takes the size of the user. The tear-shaped beanbags provide better back support to the user while doing better work to accommodate two people who have extra large cylinders.

3. What Material is used?
While buying a bean bag, most people forget to see the clothes or the materials used. In most cases, bean bags are made of strong fabrics like soft polyester, artificial leather, and elastic fabrics and others. An ideal cloth takes the entire experience of resting in the bean bag to a new dimension of comfort.

4. Is Bean Bag Versatile?
Not all bean bags are the same in terms of product performance. Some of them are the best inside the house and some of them are also suitable for outside. When choosing a bean bag inside the house, it is important to evaluate the size of the apartment or house so that the crowd does not take place, but it is not necessary to fix it at a fixed location because the bean bag can be easily separated. Room corner

5. What kind of material does it fill?
Most people use foam or virgin or recyclable polystyrene beads to fill the bean bag cover. While polystyrene pearls provide better support and make a strong seat, they need to be replenished periodically because pearls are compressed with the user’s weight. Foam prepared using chopped foam provides a soft experience and does not need to be filled again. Apart from this, some medicinal fillers are also available such as rice, one type of grain and others. While buying bean bag filling, it is very important to ensure that pearls are flammable and are certified for the same.

6. Are stitches and zipper strong?
Choosing a bean bag cover comes with double stitching and over-lock stitching to ensure its strength, durability, and safety. If the stitches are not strong, then it can lead to situations where they are exposed and spread on the floor. When it comes to bean bags without internal lining, then double-sips help prevent beans from spreading out. In most bean bags, the zipper is stitched to hide lizards.

7. Is the bean bag hairy?
According to the Consumer Commission, bean bags should have a childproof zipper. Each brand should follow this basic business guideline. This is to protect standard children from getting rid of the deadly bean in or out.

8. Can Bean Beef Bags?
As the bean bag is used regularly and broadly, apart from this, children are heavily abused, they have to wash. Occasionally, you can also burn beanbags. Most bean bags come with washable facilities. However, some of them can be washed with a machine, while some of them can be washed with only hands. Depending on your washing preferences, choose one.

9. Does Bean Bag Come With Warranty?
There are bean bags in the market, which have no warranty while some have a warranty of 6 months to 12 months. Try to select an option that comes with a warranty that is clearly stated with the product.

Instructions for use of bean bags

Once you buy bean bags, remove the product from the packaging. Before using, keep the bean bag out for a few hours.

Never open the base of the bean bag until you go to fill it again.

If there are no opening or cracks in the bean bag, apply glue or tape to prevent any leakage or leakage of the bean.

To prevent any damage, keep the bean bag away from the sharp objects.

Also, keep the bean bag away from the fire.

If your bean bag is made of leather, then we recommend keeping it inside the house because Rexin content can damage the heat.

Avoid jumping on a bean bag because they can handle only certain amounts of weight. If it is misused, then the bean bag can open.

Avoid eating food or liquids on bean bags because it can damage the material.

Always keep bean bags away from cigarettes. The leather used for these products is made from petroleum products, so they are flammable. Apart from the outer layer, beans are also flammable.

Ensure that zipper and velcro are completely kept to avoid any spills or leaks.

Do not allow children or pets near the bean bag while re-filling. Beans are put in jeopardy if ingestion or inhalation.

You can remove dirt and dust regularly by using a wet/dry cloth for maintenance.

In case of any stain removal, you can use gasoline and erase them.

Jumping on a flat bean bag can cause injury.


Some Frequently Asked Questions?

1. Are different types of bean bags available in the market?

Actually, bean bags come in many sizes, colors, materials, and sizes. Along with the trending sale, bean bag makers have started to develop a new type of bean bag beside the classic bean bag chair. Some include sofas, loungers, slabs and sofa bed bean bags. Bean bags are also classified into two different types depending on their usage, including indoor and outdoor. Some of them separate bean bags based on the material used to make them. Some of the materials commonly used include faux fur, leather, faux suede, cotton, corduroy, and others.

2. Whose bean bag is filled with?

In most cases, polystyrene beans are filled in bean bags to provide comfort. Some of these bean bags are provided with two layers of comfort and safety to avoid leakage of bean filling.

Generally, bean bags are either filled in advance or come with removable internal liner in which bean is stuffed. Pre-filing indicates that the bean bag is filled up to its capacity before selling. Removable internal liner usually allows the consumer to add or remove filling according to its unique requirements. Indeed, when the measurement is provided by the manufacturer, then they represent the flat bean bag. By adding the amount of filling, these dimensions will definitely change.

3. Why is it important to buy bean bags of the right size?

As the bean bags come in different sizes and sizes, you have to plan it in such a way that it fits in the place where you are planning to put it. You should also consider the place that you may need to store it if you want to keep it away when not in use.

The bean bag you choose should fit in those people who will use it. For that, you have to consider the weight of people who use it. You can also take a single or double best-grained bag as per your wish. The correct dimensions for bean bag can also be related to the person’s age. If you are looking for bean bags to be completely adult, then XL is the right choice. However, if the product is for a teen, then L is perfect for providing ample room and comfort. When it comes to children, all sizes seem to be beneficial for them.

Finally, remember that the cleaning time required to maintain the bean bag does not affect the size of the time. It is quite simple to clean these products – all you have to do is remove the cover and wash it. However, some of them may be a bit tricky and require specialist treatment only, which usually depends on the material.

4. Can I fill the bean bag within 5 minutes? how to do this?

Although it seems like a great job that takes hours, it is actually quite simple to fill the bean bag. If you are not aware of this simple process and are struggling to do it without any fuss or confusion, then we have provided an easy way to get it. In fact, filling a bean bag is very fun work and it does not take much time in it.

Step 1: Prepare the workspace

Filling a bean bag is not the work of a person, so make sure you help another person with it.
Always fill a bean bag in any air or air free house
Be sure to turn off all fans and air conditioners in the room. A slight air can cause big disturbances because the filling bean is light in weight.
Do not let children, pets, and infants be in the room you are filling, because there can be suffocation when ingestion of light beads.
It is better to buy a bean bag which has an inner lining – because it is easy to replenish and add whenever it is necessary. And besides this, it helps you change the cover according to your requirement.
The place where you are filling the bean bag should be clean, before filling, vacuum the area once to remove any dust or debris.
It is better to use floor surface which is actually covered with linoleum, wood or tiles. If there is a dispersion of beans, it is easy to clean the dirt on these floors.

Step 2: Create a Funnel


This is the stage where you will make easy access to fill the bean bag. For this, you have to make a funnel using any plastic Vestar paper – you can rotate the paper just like an ice cream cone. Or you can use a plastic bucket – any old or two dollar store will also be enough. If you are using a plastic bucket, cut a small end or hole using the Stanley knife or saw blade in the bottom of the bucket. This will create a funnel so you can put filling in the bean bag.

Now, using a corn seal holder or paper clip, undo the safety zipper of the inner lining bag. Through the opening, insert the funnel and tighten the zip around the funnel.

Step 3: Start filling

You can buy bad filling in any local or online store like Big W, Target, K-Mart and others. Generally, bean bags are sold in 100-liter bags. Now, ask the other person to catch the funnel and bean bag carefully. You cut the open bag (cut at the end of the bag approximately 150 mm / half-width). This way, re-fill bags can be handled easily without any spray or leakage. Now, gently insert the bean content into the funnel. When filling again, make sure everything is going on the floor with no leak bag.

Avoid filling bean bags – because it makes the product less comfortable and emphasizes sewing and zipper (which can weaken them and cause the opening). As the weight of a bean bag can be more than 100kgs on an adult’s sitting, it also creates huge pressure on the seam.

If this is misleading, remember the thumb rule – fill the bean bag in about two-thirds of its capacity. Filling the bean bag is very easy to remove its contents. Therefore, make sure to follow this thumb rule.

Once you add or add material to bean bags, remove the top and protect the zipper with caution. Now keep the inner lining in the bean bag cover.

Step 4: Cleaning

No matter how careful you are when filling a bean bag, some of the bean usually exits during the process. We recommend using vacuum cleaners to remove spilled beans. If your vacuum cleaner is like a daisy (bag-less), then you can reuse the beans collected. If your children or pets want to ingest it, then be sure to remove all spicy beans.

If you follow these simple steps, you can fill the bean bag in a short time or fill it again. All this is only a few minutes (not more than 5 minutes), without any mess. If you have made a mistake even after following the steps, then you may have missed it or you have done it wrong.

Disposal any plastic bag or packet that came with the filling. We recommend that people collect these plastic bags and keep them in the recycle bin. If children or pets raise their hands on them, these plastic bags can be very thick. Therefore, it is very important to settle them immediately.

Buying a bean bag and filling it with yourself will save you more money by buying a previously filled bean bag. Because flat bean covers are less expensive for freight than people who are already filled.

5. How long do the bean bags last?

A high-quality bean bag will last for at least 3 – 4 years. However, it also depends on usage. If bean bags are used carefully, it will last for more than 5 years. If the bean bag is not maintained properly, then it can not be longer than 3 years. The longevity of bean bags also depends on the materials used, quality of bean and others.

6. Why is the bean bag considered to be good? Can they improve the bad posture?

Yes, they are Most of us believe that bean bags are not good for our health. However, this is not really true at all. Hard furniture is uncomfortable and unable. But ergonomics of a bean bag chair are condemnable to be consistent for the size and shape of our body. In this way, it will support the muscles, provide appropriate currency.

7. How much can be done to fill the bean badge?

When it comes to filling or replenishing the bean bag, then there is a rule of thumb which you have to follow. Be sure to fill only two-thirds of the bean bag for good comfort and longevity of the product. If you do not follow this rule, you can make a big mistake. If the filling is more than necessary, then it will put pressure on the seam, zip, and stitches when a person sits on it, often causing cracks and opening. If the filling is less than necessary, then it will not provide the necessary comfort.

8. How many types of filling are available? which one is the best?

More than 5 types of bean filling include EPS Beads, EPP Beads, Micro-Beads, Compressed Foam, and Natural Fillers. Some people prefer natural fillers such as rice, dried bean, dry corn, one kind of hay and other similar items. Since EPS and EPP pearls are lighter, this type of bean filling is perfect for those who routinely transfer their bean bags. If you are looking for therapeutic effects, the natural filler is the best. Finally, filling the best bean bag depends on your needs.

9. Is it fine to sleep on bean bags?

Yes, you can. In fact, most people experience good sleep on bean bags. Because the beans will adjust according to your weight and structure, will provide adequate support and comfort, no matter what position you sleep in. You do not even need a pillow to keep on a bean bag.

10. How much bean is required to fill the bean bag?

Bean bags that are more XXL and above require approximately 2.25kg. Bean bags that are XL and L require 1 kilo. And bean bag size requires less than 1kg.

11. Is it okay to fill bean bags with cotton?

Generally, bean bags are full of polystyrene beads or memory foam. However, it is okay to fill these products with cotton, chopped foam or any other which provide comfort. Can be used as filling any cotton available in the grocery store.

12. What is the best way to get rid of stabilized bean bags?

This task cannot be controlled by one person. Therefore, ask someone to help handle this task. First, ask the other person to hold a bean bag and open it. Now, take out all the beans present in it. Take an anti-static dryer sheet, rub it inside and outside the bean bag. Keep it aside for an hour. Now, fill the bean bag again. Quick Tip: Use a bag-less vacuum cleaner to remove or collect bean.

13. Why do bean bags become flat after a certain time?

It is usually experienced by every one of us. The life of polystyrene balls is 6 – 8 months, which really depends on the weight on a daily basis. Once the polystyrene balls become flat, the bean bag will also be flat.

14. Is it okay to wash beans with beans?

It is almost impossible to remove the entire bag (with beans) in the washing machine. If you want to wash the bean bag with a bean inside it, you have to do it manually. As the seams and zips carefully and firmly stop the inside, you can use the brush and liquid soap to clean the outer brush. After that, use a washing cloth to remove the soap. Allow it to dry under the sun or dry air for a few hours.

15. How much weight can a bean bag?

Generally, most of the bean bags are capable of withdrawing 150 – 200kgs. However, this also depends on the size of the bean bags. Be sure to check the size of the bean bag and its stopping capacity before making a purchase.

Some words before wrapping…

Bean bags are the most comfortable and trendy furniture. When it comes to functionality, they are quite versatile. They are also perfect to hang out, relax, watch TV and sleep.

When it comes to buying a bean bag, most people choose to look for them. But that’s not the right process. You have to consider some factors like size, shape and other. Without considering these factors, you can end up with the wrong option, which will not give any comfort. If you are unaware of how to buy the right bean bag, then read our Purchasing Guide. It contains all the information needed for the amazing bean bag products.

After analyzing several products in the market, we finally chose the Solimo Bean bag as the best option. It provides long-lasting comfort and comes with a fade-resistant fabric. And besides this, it also comes in many colors which makes it great for any interior of the house.

If you still have any questions, write us down in the comment section below. We will reply as soon as possible. For more information, stay tuned with our website.