Guide to buying a Refrigerator

As global temperatures are steadily rising, humans are turning to and working in locations with an efficient air conditioning system.

The reason is simple, the human body works efficiently when the ambient temperatures are between 15 and 35 degrees Celsius.

Nor does it affect our productivity.

factors to consider when buying a fridge?
factors to consider when buying a fridge?


Likewise, the foods we eat also have a temperature range in which they offer the greatest nutritional value.

Most cooked foods should be stored at temperatures below 10 degrees Celsius to stay cool and prevent the growth of bacteria and fungi on them.

That’s when a refrigerator comes to the rescue.

Now, if you are a frequent visitor to the articles of this blog, you probably know that we take each subject at the root level and that we will do the same thing with this article.

Let’s start with the basics, in order to understand how a refrigerator works.

Then we will discuss the refrigerator capacity to buy as needed.

After that we will discuss the essential features to look for when buying a refrigerator.

After that, we will learn how some brands are trying to reduce costs and produce sub-products that delay the cooling process and frequently leak refrigerant.

Then we will decide which are the best refrigerators available on the market, not only efficient in terms of operation, but also offering the best value for money.

You may be happy to know that my father works in a company that makes household appliances such as washing machines, refrigerators, cooking appliances, food processors, kitchen fireplaces, and so on. how some brands are trying to reduce their manufacturing costs to increase their profit margin, etc.
Today, I will do my best to share the knowledge I have gained from my father over the years to help you make a good purchase decision.

So without more, let’s start



A refrigerator works on the principle of evaporation. The principle states that when a liquid evaporates, it absorbs heat during the process. A refrigerator consists of a coolant called refrigerant that is trapped in a series of coils. As the refrigerant passes through the coils, it changes from the liquid state to the gaseous state.

A refrigerator mainly comprises four main components, namely: –

Expansion valves
Radiator hoses

The refrigeration process begins with the penetration of the liquid refrigerant into the regulators.

As it passes, the sudden drop in pressure expands the liquid and turns it into gas.

The compressor sucks the refrigerant gas and the press, which increases its temperature and pressure.

The hot pressurized refrigerant gas flows through the thick,

rounded copper radiator hoses at the rear of the refrigerator.

When the gas passes into the radiator pipes, it cools quickly and returns to its liquid state.

The cooled liquid refrigerant then returns to the condenser and the process starts again.

Now, after discussing the operation of a refrigerator, let’s discuss the refrigerator capacity that would best suit your home according to your needs: –

For singles.

If you stay in an apartment or as a paying guest with a few roommates and mainly store milk bags, eggs, curds, bottled water, loaves of bread in your refrigerator, etc. The maximum fridge capacity you need is 190L.

For a nuclear family of 3 to 4 family members and you want to store a healthy amount of food in your refrigerator, including vegetables, dairy products, non-vegetarian products, juice cans, etc. The capacity of the refrigerator you want to reach is 350L.

For a family of 5 to 8 family members and you need a refrigerator to store many food items, most of them including fresh vegetables, non-vegetarian foods such as fish, chicken etc. consume the stored items in a day or two. In this case, opt for a refrigerator with a capacity of at least 440L.

For a large family of more than 8 members.

With this in mind, you need to store many food products in your refrigerator, from non-vegetarian content to dairy products, eggs, pop bottles, etc., and you prefer to keep most of the products. food in freezing mode. consume only a small portion of it daily and keep the rest for the next few days. In this case, it would be wise to choose a double door refrigerator with a capacity of at least 600 L.



So, after learning what refrigerator capacity one should buy according to one’s needs, let’s discuss some of the essential features that one should look for when buying a refrigerator: –

Inverter compressor technology:

More durable and consumes less electricity compared to an alternative compressor.
At least 3 stars: For energy savings of up to 35%.


Automatic defrosting of the refrigerator to prevent ice formation.

Built-in Stabilizer:

There is no need to purchase a separate voltage stabilizer.

Now, after discussing the features to look for when buying a refrigerator, let’s discuss how some manufacturers (names not taken) are trying to reduce manufacturing costs to maximize their own profits and offer their turn a product of inferior quality. to customers who has a very short shelf life and can be dangerous for users.




Poor manufacture of condenser coils resulting in refrigerant leaks.

Condenser coils are one of the most important aspects of a refrigerator because they contain liquid refrigerant and account for about 30 to 35% of the total cost of the refrigerant.

Needless to say,

condenser coils are one of the favorite areas for manufacturers to make huge profits.

Some manufacturers tend to use poor quality copper condenser coils that develop small holes and cracks over a prolonged period, resulting in refrigerant leakage that may be dangerous to humans if inhaled excessive.

Bad insulation.

Keeping the contents of the refrigerator tightly closed at high outside temperatures is an essential aspect of refrigeration.

To ensure good insulation, use high quality door seals. However, most people do not pay much attention to the insulating aspect of the refrigerator when it is purchased.

Thus, the door seal becomes another major area in which some manufacturers reduce their costs.

A poor door seal put in place by these manufacturers does not attach completely to the body of the refrigerator,

resulting in minimal gaps between it and the body.

As a result, the warm air from the outside continually seeps into the refrigerator, damaging the contents of the food.


Now that we have discussed how some refrigerator manufacturers have reduced their costs, let us tackle the best refrigerators available on the market, which not only use sustainable and efficient components, but also offer the best value for money. .