Top 10 Best Toothbrushes to Buy Online in India 2019

Toothbrushes are a necessity because maintaining good dental hygiene is critical to our health. With so many people using them daily, different types of toothbrushes are now available to meet your specific needs. People have different preferences and the right toothbrush not only provides good oral hygiene but also helps us start the day off well.

In this article, we’ll explain how to choose the right toothbrush for your specific needs, and give you a ranking of the top 10 toothbrushes you can buy online.

How To Choose A Toothbrush In India – Purchase Advice

When choosing the right toothbrush, it is important to think about a few things. There is no perfect toothbrush for everyone. Choosing a brush that is unsuitable for your teeth and gums will affect your oral hygiene. So you have to be careful. Most importantly, the brush must reach all your teeth and clean them, including the back.

Choose according to the characteristics of a toothbrush

When choosing a toothbrush, you need to check the specifications to make sure all the features are right for you and the product is within your budget. The following five aspects are the most important for choosing the right toothbrush. So remember, when you look at different products.

Whether the bristles are hard or soft, the softer the better

Toothbrushes with solid bristles are usually not recommended as they can cause tooth and gum damage. Opt for soft or medium bristle toothbrushes, unless your dentist recommends a firmer one. While they remove a little more plaque than softer bristles, the damage done by the hard bristles on the teeth outweighs them.

Block type for straight teeth and wavy type for odd teeth

There are several patterns in which bristles are arranged. In a block-type toothbrush, as the name implies, there are bristles that are evenly arranged like a block. This works better if you have straight teeth without too many gaps. On the other hand, a toothbrush with bristles arranged in a wave pattern is good for reaching uneven areas around the teeth. Brushes with multi-level patterns can also effectively clean tooth spaces.

The right type to prevent tooth decay and tooth decay

Brushes with rounded bristles are ideal for cleaning the interdental spaces to prevent tooth decay and tooth decay. There are also some that have been specifically designed with different types of bristles and cleansers on the sides and back to clean even the most difficult to access areas in the mouth.

The best type for periodontitis and gingivitis

Plaque can often form in “periodontal pockets” where there are gaps in the teeth. This can eventually lead to gum disease and, in severe cases, teeth to loosen. Brushes with thin bristles effectively clean these gaps to prevent gingivitis and other periodontitis.

Consider the head size of the toothbrush

Choosing a smaller head would make it possible to reach every angle and angle in the mouth. If there are uneven gaps between the teeth, choosing a toothbrush with a smaller head would be beneficial to you as well. However, if your teeth are fairly even, a big head would be fine as you could brush more teeth with it.

Buy Top 10 Best Indian Toothbrushes Online in India

We will now introduce our top 10 tips for the best toothbrushes you can buy online in India.

1. Colgate Slim Soft Charcoal

Ultrafine bristles with charcoal for the best brushing experience

Colgate Slim Soft Charcoal
Colgate Slim Soft Charcoal

The best toothbrush on the market, this toothbrush is one of the most unique options you can find. Its bristles are extremely thin, soft and dense to reach the gaps between the teeth and along the gum line. This allows them to get rid of any leftovers or plaques and keep the germs away. The charcoal used in the bristles is also an important feature, as it removes all deposits, germs and stubborn halitosis.

Even people with sensitive teeth and gums can safely use this product as the soft bristles will not damage the gums and enamel. This toothbrush is also suitable for people with uneven teeth, as their fine bristles really clean all tooth gaps. In addition, even those who do not want to spend too much money and still want to have a high-quality toothbrush, can receive this because it is very cheap.

2. Amway Persona Advanced toothbrush

High quality yet affordable option for all your oral hygiene needs

If you are looking for a high-quality all-round toothbrush, this is the right one for you! The brush head and brush neck are designed to balance the additional pressure exerted by the user to prevent damage to enamel and gums. The handle has a rubberized area that is perfectly positioned to make it easier to grasp the toothbrush during use and not to injure the gums.

In addition, it is a great product that you can take with you when traveling because it is extremely light, durable and also has a tongue cleaner. Just like the brush, the tongue cleaner is really effective and removes foul-smelling substances on the tongue. It is also not too expensive, which is why it is also interesting for those who are looking for a cheap alternative.

3. Trisa manual toothbrush for smoker

Especially for caffeine and nicotine stains

There are not so many toothbrushes that can fight stains and odor through caffeine intake or tobacco consumption. If you have difficulty getting rid of such stains and odors, this is the perfect product for you! It has medium-strength bristles with cleansers that help remove stubborn stains of caffeine and nicotine, and a tongue cleaner on the back to treat any substances that cause halitosis.

In addition, the thick handle provides a more comfortable grip to brush teeth for a reasonable amount of time. Although this toothbrush is relatively expensive, it is one of the best products on the market and one of the few developed specifically for smokers and caffeine users.

4. Dr. Dentaids Slim Ortho Mb Orthodontic Toothbrush

Also clean your teeth with braces or retainers

It can be quite difficult to find a good toothbrush that works with braces or braces, but the search is finally over. The upper head of this product cleans around the braces while the lower head works well below the braces and along the gum line. Therefore, this is the perfect toothbrush for people with braces or uneven teeth, especially since the price for a three-pack is not too bad.

Since this toothbrush consists of two heads, it may seem difficult to keep or store it in a hygienic manner. This product may not be suitable for people with particularly sensitive teeth and gums, as the bristles are not the softest on the market. In addition, there is no tongue cleaner. So if you really appreciate this feature, it’s better for you to pick one of the other options in the list.

5. Oral-B Pro Health Antibacterial Toothbrush

Antibacterial bristles to protect your brush from microbes

If you live in a humid environment, the chances of microbes growing on your wet toothbrush are quite high. That’s why this product is perfect for you! Its bristles are protected against microbes, which makes using this toothbrush much safer than the others. In addition, the rubber brushes on the sides are ideal for cleaning the gums, while the thickness of the handle facilitates gripping the toothbrush.

However, the bristles do not hold up well to the pressure and wear out quite easily. So if you are someone who is really hard-working, this is not the product for you, unless you want to change the toothbrush every two weeks. Another disadvantage of this toothbrush is the lack of a tongue cleaner, which is essential for people with bad breath or for those who travel frequently and do not want to carry two separate products.


6. Pepsodent Expert Protection Pro

Bristles work like floss to clean up any gaps

Many of us do not have the time to wash floss regularly, but you do not have to worry so much about this toothbrush. It has an innovative design that helps the bristles remove food debris and plaque in the interdental spaces. It’s also quite cheap, so if you are looking for an affordable option to clean uneven teeth and hard-to-reach places, consider this option!

The disadvantage is, if you are someone with sensitive gums and teeth, this is not the right choice for you, as the bristles are definitely on the harder side. It is also not particularly suitable for those who do not like larger brush heads, or for those who desire a toothbrush with dense bristles, as it may appear rather sparse on this brush head to properly clean the surface of straight teeth.

7. Sensodyne Sensitive Toothbrush

Affordable option for sensitive teeth and gums

If you have sensitive teeth and are looking for a gentle toothbrush, this product is for you! Its soft bristles treat your teeth and gums with care, and the easy-to-grip handle makes brushing more comfortable. In addition, this is a really cost effective option.

However, the toothbrush lacks a tongue cleaner, which is an important feature of a toothbrush. In addition, the head may seem too small for some users. So if you’re not a fan of smaller heads, you might want to look at other products. The bristles can also be a problem as softer ones tend to wear faster compared to others.

8. Oral-B Pro Health Smart-Flex

The perfect alternative to an electric toothbrush

Although it is a manual toothbrush, it can be a tough competitor to any electric toothbrush. It has a unique design with a flexible head that is ideal for hard-to-reach areas and uneven teeth. The head is also quite large with medium hard bristles, making it ideal for those who want to brush their teeth faster without compromising thoroughness.

However, the gums can be rough and therefore not recommended for sensitive gums. In addition, the bristles are not packed tight enough, which results in toothpaste, food debris or plaque sticking to the bottom, making it difficult to keep the brush clean. The price of this product is also much higher than the rest. So if you have a limited budget, consider one of the other options.

9. Colgate Slim Soft Sensitive Toothbrush

Thin but dense bristles for tender chewing gum and uneven teeth

The bristles of this brush are 17 times finer than ordinary round ends, so even the smallest gaps can be cleaned gently and efficiently. Its flexible neck also helps to reach all sides of the teeth easily. These two aspects make it a good choice for those who have uneven teeth with gaps or for sensitive gums.

On the other hand, this product lacks a tongue cleaner, which is required for the maintenance of oral hygiene. Having a tongue cleaner on the back of the brush is very convenient, especially when traveling. For this reason, this is not the best choice for those who travel frequently or just if you want a brush with a tongue cleaner.

10. Bamboo india toothbrush

Environmentally friendly option to keep both your teeth and the earth clean

Toothbrush is made of bamboo and this is a biodegradable product. Not only is it environmentally friendly, but it also has medium-sized bristles that do not feel hard but still effectively cleanse the teeth. It has a small head to make sure you can reach any small gaps between your teeth.


It’s perfect for those who do not mind investing to reduce pollution and save the planet This is the  Best Toothbrushes.


However, since this toothbrush is made of natural materials, it is not as durable as plastic. In addition, the neck of this toothbrush is not too flexible and therefore difficult to use. It’s also a pretty expensive product. So if you are looking for an affordable option, consider one of the other products in the list.