Best Set Top Box In India 2019 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

The set-top box has become an important device in every home. It is important to invest in the box so you can easily watch all your programs and movies. A set-top box is a device containing a tuner that captures an external signal source and transmits it to a television for an image of exceptional quality. In addition, the Indian government has made set-top box mandatory, resulting in more boxes in the online space.

It is essential to invest in the best set-top box available from different companies in India. Many companies offering different programs and complementary packages offer the best set top box in India and you must choose wisely among them. In this article, we will also examine the best DTHs in India because they are interdependent.

Here we have a list of the best set-top box in India that do not tend to create a hole in your pocket!

Top 10 Best Set-Top Boxes In India 2019

1. TATA Sky Standard Set Top Box


Your search for the best set-top box ends with the TATA Sky Standard set-top box. It comes with the most affordable and exciting offers you can have in just a few clicks. It offers the best picture quality and CD sound quality. Providers of set-top boxes also offer an offer of 1 + 1 set-top box in some parts of India.

The set-top box comes with a set of audio-visual cables, a remote control, an AC adapter and a dish. The packaging does not contain batteries and comes with many different packaging, suitable for different types of people, even families. TATA Sky also offers all our customers a 24/7 customer support service so they do not worry about their problems.

2. Dish TV HD Set Top Box with Recording


Have not you always wanted a set-top box that offers the best picture quality with a whole series of channels? Your search ends with the Dish TV HD set-top box provided with a free subscription for a whole month. Dish is the largest DTH service provider in Asia that offers a large number of products at an affordable price. This is one of the best set-top box available in India in 2018, allowing free registration.

This set-top box offers an HD image quality of about 1080 pixels that allows you to enjoy the highest level of entertainment at its peak. A unique feature of the set-top box must be the unlimited recording feature. The flexibility of choosing HD add-ons also makes it one of the most desirable set-top box in India.

The product comes in a package including a set-top box, a satellite dish, a 10-meter long wire and remote mounting accessories. It also offers a maximum of 46 channels and HD services, with an unlimited recording facility from a free USB device and lifetime.

3. Airtel HD Set Top Box (Recording and Family Pack) 

Airtel Digital TV HD
Airtel Digital TV HD

Airtel is one of India’s leading DTH service providers and has approximately 400 channels, including HD and more. The Airtel HD set-top box comes with unlimited recording for 3 months and Dolby Digital quality surround sound. It has a high definition HD + that comes with a set-top box with remote control, an HDMI cable, a cable up to 10 meters for connection

The product works with a universal remote control and offers you a 24/7 customer service. It runs on MPEG4 technology which allows it to be on the list of the best set-top box in India.

4. Videocon D2H HD Set top box


The Videocon D2H HD set-top box is one of the best set-top box available in India. It is available with a 12-month Platinum pack and 12-month Premium HD access for free. This offer is valid only for Delhi customers. It comes with a 10-meter long cable with 24/7 customer service.

The model is both affordable and offers a variety of options for HD channels. The installation and activation of this set-top box will be managed by the company itself. All of these features come with a one-year warranty, so you will not have to worry about servicing and repairing your set-top box.

5. TATA Sky HD Box- Supreme Sports Kids Pack


Another package that comes from TATA Sky is the TATA Sky HD box, which includes an entire year of subscription to the ultimate sports pack for kids. TATA Sky offers an HD image quality of around 1080 pixels. The highest resolution of videos and programs allows customers to enjoy the highest level of entertainment.

It includes CD quality sound with Active Darshan applications. This set of products includes an HD set-top box, a dish, an HDMI cable, a remote control and an AC adapter. The packaging of this model also includes an AC power source. The TATA Sky set-top box includes uninterrupted satellite visualization and 24/7 customer service to take care of all your problems.

6. TATA Sky HD Set-Top Box (1 Month Dhamaal Mix HD free)



The TATA Sky HD set box comes with a month of free mixed channels in HD quality. With this product, you get a high-definition experience with a widescreen aspect ratio of around 16: 9, giving your TV a crystal-clear appearance. It uses compression technology and is customized to create an affordable package that is suitable for most users.

This model of TATA sky is delivered and installed by the company itself. You would not have to worry about any disruptions that might occur in your set-top box after installation because TATA Sky offers 24/7 customer service.

What are the advantages of having a digital Set-top Box?

1. The Set-top Box provides the best picture quality, high definition or more commonly referred to as HD. Using a Set-top Box allows you to watch multiple videos and programs.

2. Your digital cable box service providers also provide you with 24/7 customer service to help you with all your daily Set-top Box issues. They also tend to take care of your complaints, to work on them and to try to process them as quickly as possible.

3. The guarantee is another advantage offered to the customer on the Set-top Box, guaranteeing that you will take full advantage of the Set-top Box.

4. A digital set-top box customer can take full advantage of a set-top box by choosing the most appropriate package containing all your favorite channels chosen by you.

5. A digital Set-top Box is a complete value for money. It offers many special services and privileges that customers use to get.

6. Digital set-top box providers offer you different payment options for your regular payments, so customers have the option to pay for their set-top box.

7. Owning a Set-top Box tends to reduce the risk of disturbances and inconveniences that occur in your cable TV because of inclement weather. This allows multiple customers to easily have an uninterrupted view of their favorite movies or programs, even in extreme weather, which was difficult to obtain before.

8. Bringing a Set-top Box into your home will help you be part of the revolution. This will help you enjoy the latest technologies available.


What to look for in the best Set-top Box in India?

A basic Set-top Box does not meet the growing needs of today’s people. It is the generation that needs several options and always wants more than served. That’s why the latest technology offers them the best set-top boxes in India, which offer more than the basic features of a TV.

The last Set-top Box have exceeded the number of basic Set-top Box due to many features, such as HD, which hardly existed a few years ago. The best Set-top Box has an HD function and speed up the system reboot or shuffle among thousands of channels.

With more than the base, the best decoders give you a glimpse of the new world. However, if you buy a Set-top Box for yourself, you need to be sure of what you want in your digital TV. Here are some features you should look for in your decoder before investing in them.

Panoramic platform

The decoder viewing platform refers to the platform that the decoder needs to capture different channels and provides you with an unparalleled viewing experience.

The best decoders must be able to clearly capture a large number of channels, without any interference, except in extreme weather conditions. They also tend to have backup mechanisms to counter the extreme climate in some cases. A large viewing platform means that the decoder offers many more channels than the traditional decoder.

Function to record

The best decoders have a function of recording events and programs even in your absence. Another feature that helps a set-top box achieve this goal is the callback function, which allows the set-top box to remember when to start recording a particular program.

All you have to do is set a reminder on your favorite programs or movies and leave it on the set-top box. It tends to automatically record your desired program, giving you the opportunity to watch it later, at any time. It also allows you to watch the same program or movie over and over again.

Disk space

Best decoders usually offer a lot of disk space or storage space to store the specific programs that you have saved at several times. Smaller disk space prevents you from having multiple movies or programs in your set-top box at the same time, which is not what you want.

The recording functionality in a set-top box must also be accurate and contain a set of features. Your decoder must be able to record more than one movie/program at a time, while still watching the third program. You must also be able to record accurately, from the right time of the program to the end of the program.

Another generally required feature in a set-top box is its ability to record a series without worrying about disk space. It is not said that the larger the disk space, the better the decoder. As an indication, most decoders come with a 500GB hard drive, which is enough to store your favorite channels and movies. Some of the best decoders tend to offer their customers even more space than the basic ones.

Electronic Program Guide

An electronic program guide in a set-top box helps you navigate through the available channels and applications offered by the set-top box provider. The electronic program guides provided with different Set-top Box use different software, which explains why they all work differently.

What you need to worry about is the user-friendliness of the Electronic Program Guide. The easier it is to navigate between different channels, the easier it is for a customer to operate a particular  Box. An EPG must also be able to show you all the categories of channels that the provider must offer, as well as the programs that must be recorded and the list of all recorded programs or movies.

Additional applications

The  Set-top Box in India offers you more than just several channels and features to record them. They offer other popular apps and services that can be used for entertainment or educational purposes. Some of these additional applications include those that teach children to count or enrich their vocabulary. Some other features include those that allow you to play games.

Other connections

A  box must have HDMI connections and other additional connections to allow customers to enjoy the highest quality of movies. People with many HDMI-capable devices will want to look for configuration boxes with multiple HDMI ports or an HDMI hub instead of multiple cables.

 Box with DVD

The best installation cases are equipped with a DVD player included in the installation material. A general DVD player and an installation box would cost a lot more if they were purchased individually. The decoder functionality for playing DVDs is a major asset as it gives customers more flexibility and options to watch more movies or other programs.

What are the additional features to look for in decoders in India?

The main function and usefulness of a  box is always the streaming of TV and movies, but what if we provide you with much more than that? The best decoders available in India are built with the latest technology to provide you with all the basic features of a set-top box as well as many ‘smart features’ that allow you to experience a higher level of comfort and convenience. of technology.

As a general rule, you need to obtain different hardware devices in order to take full advantage of the new smart features offered by the technology. As a result, we have done a lot of research on the latest and best decoders available in India, making your life a lot easier. You can happily choose from these high-tech products and order one for yourself without leaving your home!

1. Live TV:

The first intelligent feature proposed by the latest technology is to capture everything live. Whether it’s a sports match in another part of the world, an interview of your favorite celebrity or another important incident happening all over the world, you can have access to all these events with the best decoders available in India

2. Storage:

A Set-top Box is generally used for broadcasting movies and other programs. If this is necessary for this purpose, you may not need memory to record all the movies or series you have recorded. However, if you want to back up your own library of music or movies, you will need a storage device to back them up.

The  Set-top Box offers all this in addition to providing you with the highest quality of movies and series. They offer you storage space that not only records your recorded movies and programs but also a space to record all your music. If you already have other external storage devices, you can invest in a set-top box with USB ports.

3. Wireless / DLNA:

Additional features include wireless / DLNA as customers can connect their phones and other devices to their set-top boxes. This allows customers to exchange different media between multiple devices and Their Smartphones.

4. Compatibility:

The  Set-top Box is not just enough for movies or broadcasts. It also guarantees the compatibility of all your other peripherals and USB / other storage devices. This allows you to exchange information, media, and other data between multiple compatible devices at the same time. This facilitates the transfer of data, which becomes very convenient for each member of the family.

5. Broadcast quality:

It is essential that your perfect set-top box gives you the best picture quality with the highest pixel resolution for optimum leisure time. The best box offer 1090 pixel resolution with a large number of HD channels, giving you multiple options for finding your favorite shows and movies.

7. Remote control:

Remote control is a necessary supplement supplied with the package of your set-top box. It is essential that your remote control has all the necessary features for easy use.

Once you know what to look for in the best set-top box  in India, it will be easier for you to choose among the best set-top box on this list. Here we have a list of the best decoders in India that do not tend to create a hole in your pocket!