Basic difference between a dry iron and a steam iron

Dry Iron is an iron box with a thermostat with a power of up to 1500, beyond which it will be too hot to ignite the fabric.


The steam iron is similar to the dry iron, with better characteristics such as: generating steam and makes ironing faster and wrinkles are eliminated faster.



Considering that the most resistant fabric (that can withstand the maximum heat) is an old denim jeans, a steam iron with a wattage of up to 2750 watts is enough and possibly the best option for all your domestic needs.

Even chords are important at times, so choose the longer option, since 2.5 meters is good enough for home use.

Nowadays, even steam irons come with the double option of using them as dry iron.

There are few fabrics with which you can not use a steam iron, like silk. This is because it will damage the silk fabric.

Almost all fabrics can be ironed easier and faster with the use of a steam iron or steam iron instead of a dry iron, since steam removes wrinkles faster.

Spray water to alleviate difficult wrinkles: a little moisture helps eliminate wrinkles. The best time to iron the shirts is shortly after removing them from the washing machine.

A vapor removes wrinkles from a fabric without making contact with the fabric.

Advantages of the steam iron

For fabrics such as wool, they will eliminate wrinkles faster and more easily.

Disadvantages of the steam iron

1. Rarely, you may see marks on the fabric of the holes in a steam iron, so be careful with the recommendations.

2. The folds can not be pressed on the fabrics. Your dress shirt will not look crispy if you use a vaporizer. You will need a normal dry iron for that appearance.

3. There are certain fabrics where you should never use a steam generator. Read the care label on your clothes before using a steam iron press to crease your clothes.

All of these can be more rare circumstances and situations: it is quite safe to say that a steam iron will produce better results in less time. The power of steam is evident and must be taken advantage of.

Suggestion: buy a steam iron that, by design, can also be used as a dry iron