Top 5 Best Juicers in India

Fresh juice is full of nutrients. It can be consumed at any season. There are many benefits to drinking juice. It helps strengthen the immune system, regulate blood pressure, moisturise the body, lose weight, etc.

You can drink the juice in stores, but it’s not cheap in the long run. There is also no guarantee that the juice is fresh. It is better to buy fruits and vegetables and prepare fresh juice at home.

In this shopping guide I will tell you all about juicers, such as juicers, juicer types and tips to buy the best juicer in India.

What is juicer?

A juicer is basically a kitchen appliance that can be used to extract juice from fruits and vegetables. A great way to get 5 servings of fruits and vegetables daily. Pretty much all juicers have at least two basic pitchers, one to collect the juice and one to collect the pulp. Be aware that a good juicer is not so cheap because juicing is very hard on the engine and a high quality juicer is built for a long time. There are in fact two main types of juicers – masticators and centrifugal juicers. This guide will show you the difference between the types of juicers, how much you have to spend on an excellent model and what other features you should look out for. The blades spin quickly to quickly grind fruits and vegetables. They work by grinding the product into a mush and then ejecting the liquid. Centrifugal juicers, however, do not work so well with leafy vegetables. A cheese press is more efficient than a centrifuge press and also more expensive. It extracts extra juice while retaining more fiber and can also be used to make fruit sorbets, nut butters and baby food. However, it tends to slow down as it removes so much usable material from the feed being fed. It also works well with leafy vegetables. Recently, a new juicer has become popular – a squandering juicer where the fruit or vegetables are subjected to minimal heat and almost no oxidation, making cold-pressed juice fresh, pure and nutritious.

Juicer is a device for extracting juice from fruits, vegetables and leafy vegetables in a process called juicing. It crushes, grinds and / or squeezes the juice out of the pulp. Juicer differs from blender. Juicer separates juice from the pulp. Mixer contains everything, nothing is separated or removed.


Types of juicers

There are mainly two types of juicers – centrifugal and masticating juicer.

Centrifugal juicers

Centrifugal juicers are the most widely used, popular and affordable juicers. They rotate at high speeds to pulverize the fruit or vegetables and use the centrifugal force to separate the pulp from the juice (hence its name).

1. They are fast in juicing.

2. They are cheaper to buy.

3. They are easy to use.

4. Some models have a large / wide filler neck that allows feeding whole-grain juice, saving time in preparation.


1. A centrifugal juicer can be noisy as the engine is rotating at a very high speed.

2. High speed spinning generates some heat that can break down nutrients.

3. The expelled pulp is still wet, which results in low juice yield compared to the juicers.

4. It is not suitable for juicing leafy vegetables, grasses, sprouts and herbs.

5. It produces a lot of foam in the juice, which indicates the amount of air trapped in the juice.


Masticating juicer

Masticating juicers are also known as cold pressing juicers or slow juicers. They use a chewing or cold pressing method to produce a superior juice.

These juicers work at lower speeds and compress fruits and vegetables to “squeeze” their juice. Ideally, they do not generate heat, so the word cold press is used.


1. They are relatively quite.

2. At lower speeds, less heat is generated, leaving more nutrients and enzymes intact.

3. They give a higher juice yield.

4. They are good for juicing leafy vegetables, grasses, sprouts and herbs.

5. They produce less foam in the juice.



1. They are slow in juicing.

2. They are more expensive to buy.

3. They tend to have smaller feed tubes that need to cut fruits and vegetables into small pieces.

Tips for buying the best juicer
Here are some of the features you should check before buying a juicer:

1. Pulp Container: It must be big enough so you do not have to stop the machine all the time to empty it.

2. Jug: A large juice jug is preferable, with 1000 ml enough to hold the juice of 1 kg of fruits and vegetables. You do not want to empty the pitcher half way through the process.

3. Feeding Tubes: Some juicers have extra large feeding tubes for apples and other fruits. This saves time as you no longer have to worry about chopping fruits and vegetables before chopping them.

4. Multiple speeds: Multiple speeds are ideal. High speed is suitable for juicing hard fruits / vegetables like carrots and low speed for softer fruits / vegetables like mangoes.

5. Parts: A juicer should have as few parts as possible, which can easily fit together and disassemble. Parts should be easy and quick to clean.

Here is the list of the best juicers in India you’ve been waiting for. This list has been created in compliance with all specifications, ratings and ratings.

Best Juicers In India:

1. New Philips HR1855 Viva Collection Juicer

The new Philips HR1855 Viva Collection Juicer is introduced as an efficient juicer by Philips and has won the hearts of 100 happy customers. The Philips brand Viva collection is known for its attractive appearance and compact size. The new Philips HR1855 Viva Collection Juicer is perfect for you if you have children at home.

Body & design
The new Philips HR1855 Viva Collection Juicer is a small and compact juicer with black color. The capacity of the juicer can is about 800 ml and can produce 2 liters of juice. The juicers are equipped with QuickClean technology and have a fast, clean strainer that makes cleaning easier.

The new Philips HR1855 Viva Collection Juicer is the best juicer recommended for all household purposes. The new Philips HR1855 Viva Collection juicer is perfect in every way and just goes with your modular kitchen. The juicer is easy to use and is very efficient.


Stable appliance
Good vacuum on the ground
Powerful engine
Easy to clean


Not so efficient for juicing citrus fruits
Are you planning to buy this model?

2. Panasonic MJ-68M juicer

Panasonic’s MJ-68M juicer is the most sought after centrifugal juicer and has long been one of the most efficient juicers. The Panasonic MJ-68M juicer is very easy to use and the white color steals the show. The compact system makes things very clear and comfortable for the user.

Body & design

The Panasonic MJ-68M juicer is the perfect juicer in the sense that it comes with the circuit breaker that stops the motor when there are voltage fluctuations. The spinner is made of stainless steel, which squeezes the juice from the pulp. It takes 12500 revolutions per minute. There is a one-year warranty on the product.


Panasonic MJ-68M Juicer is absolutely recommended for all household purposes and is rated as one of the best online juicers. The juicer is very reasonably priced and is well worth the money. The juicer is efficient and can run for a long time without you having to worry too much. Panasonic MJ-68M Juicer can sometimes be used as a mixer.


Stylish product
Useful also for hard fruits
Plastic of good quality
It contains a big pulp collector


The cleaning is sometimes a bit difficult.
Are you planning to buy this model?


3. Philips HR2771  0.5-Litre 25-Watt Citrus Press

Philips HR2771 0.5-liter 25-watt citrus juicer is the small, compact juicer for juicing citrus fruits. The best part is that the seeds are not mixed with the juicer as this is the most common requirement of this juicer. Philips HR2771 0.5-liter 25-watt citrus squeezer is an absolute Paisa Wasool product and will not disappoint.

Body & design
Philips HR2771 0.5-liter 25-watt citrus juicer is a very simple and easy-to-use juicer and has a white color that makes it more attractive. The juicer is easy to pour out of the juice and is also very easy to clean. There are two random rotations that help to extract the juice from the fruits. The noise level is very low and the device is very efficient.

Philips HR2771 0.5-liter 25-watt citrus juicer is recommended for all purposes and is ideal for Indian families. The cost of the juicer is very low compared to the others. If you normally need citrus juice, this is the best choice for you. The customers are satisfied and have given positive reviews.

Well built
Fast extraction
Easy to clean
Totally worth it
Engine is not that efficient.

4. Philips Viva Collection HR1832/00 1.5-Litre Juicer (Ink Black)

Philips Viva Collection HR1832 / 00 1.5-liter juicer (Ink Black) is another beautiful Viva Collection juicer that is absolutely efficient and compact. This refined black juicer is just right for your modular kitchen. The 1.5-liter Juicer (Ink Black) from Philips Viva Collection HR1832 / 00 contains all the features that are desired in the juicer and is ideal for all households.

Body & design
The Philips Viva Collection HR1832 / 00 1.5-liter juicer (Ink Black) is made of impact-resistant ABS plastic and also features QuickClean technology for easy cleaning and ease of use. All required safety features such as automatic shutdown and non-slip functions are integrated in the juicer. The total capacity of the juicer is about 1.5 liters.

The Philips Viva Collection HR1832 / 00 1.5-liter Juicer (Ink Black) is a high-performance juicer with all the built-in features and, frankly, the total value-for-money juicer. It is recommended for all purposes and is one of the best selling juicers in India. This juicer will last a long time without complaint.

Smooth Juicer
Easy to clean
Fast juicing
Less noise
Easy to assemble
Sometimes raw material comes out.
Are you planning to buy this model?

5. Philips Viva Collection HR1863/20 2-Litre Juicer (Black/Silver)

Philips Viva Collection HR1863 / 20 2-liter Juicer (Black / Silver) is a Philips Viva juicer with an aluminum casing and is also the bestseller online in India. You should not judge efficiency by looking at the juicer. This little juicer is a combination of efficiency and great looks. The technology integrated into the juicers makes it more efficient for the buyers.

Body & design
The Philips Viva Collection HR1863 / 20 2-liter Juicer (Black / Silver) has all the features you would expect from the juicer. The total capacity of juice extracted or pressed into the juicer is about 1.2 liters. The juicer contains QuickClean technology, which makes cleaning easier. The aluminum juicer has a two-year warranty, making it the best juicer online in India.

Philips Viva Collection HR1863 / 20 2-liter juicer (Black / Silver) is the best-selling juicer online on all e-commerce websites. The Philips Viva Collection HR1863 / 20 2-liter juicer (black / silver) is absolutely recommended for all household requirements. It is very easy to use and worth the amount invested. You should definitely try it.

Great quality product
Can be used for hard juicing
Easy to clean
Noises from engines at times.


Additional Info :

Best Juicer for Celery

1. Omega VSJ843RS Vertical Juicer:

Best Masticating Juicer for Celery

You can not go wrong with the well-known Omega series, and if this is the Omega VSJ843RS. This is a slow juicer that sits quietly right on your worktop. I consider it the best juicer for celery because of its function and affordable cost.

It’s a compact model, contemporary design and very productive juicer. Omega VSJ843RS offers with its structure and function the best extraction and the highest healthiest juice. It produces very nutritious juice from celery at a low speed of 80 rpm. At low pressure, your ingredients are ground without affecting vitamins and enzymes with added heat.

The machine has a reversing function that works competently when the juicer gets clogged or blocked. This machine is actually designed for greens for maximum juice and completely dry pulp. That’s why you get more celery juice and nutrients from Omega Vertical Slow Juicer.

Top features:
At a low speed of just 43 rpm, fresh juice is continuously produced, powered by a 150 watt motor.
The newly developed dual-edge auger has strong fitting tolerances that divide the ingredients to a tasty state for smooth, nutritious and fresh juices.
Gentle and slow squeezing action keeps enzymes intact, delays oxidation, and reduces heat build-up to increase the shelf life of the marrow.
Press fruits, vegetables, wheatgrass and leafy vegetables for a better juice. Additional use makes nut milk.
Automatic pulp ejection enables the continuous production of juice.
The automatic cleaning mechanism makes it easier by keeping the screen clear. When you have finished juicing, the automatic cleaning system stops the cleaning process.






Best Juicers– Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the frequently asked questions about juicers:

1. Shall I peel the fruits before juicing them?

The peel of fruits can be removed from the pulp collected in the pulp collector. It is not necessary to peel the fruit before juicing, you can make juice directly with the peel, as long as it is washed properly and does not taste bitter. It is also recommended to remove the stones from the fruits before juicing.

2. How many apples are required to make one glass of juice?

This is a factor that depends on the size of the apples. Some are bigger and juicier compared to the others. On average, however, two apples can fill the glass and it is really delicious and healthy for the body.

3. What is the total quantity of juice that can be prepared at one time?

The total amount of juice that can be prepared depends entirely on the juicer. Every day almost 1 kg of juice can be prepared. However, some juicers have a pulp collector. The amount of prepared juice is collected in the collector where it is collected to avoid wastage.

4. What is the difference between Citrus Press and Centrifugal Juicer?

The Citrus Press is the juicer that cuts the citrus fruits such as oranges, lemons, etc. in half and then squeezes the fruits to juice them. However, most of the pulp remains on the fruit. The centrifugal juicer is the one that hardens harder and then moves the juice through the fine mesh to get the most out of the fruit.

5. Why does the juicer not switch on?

If the juicer is not powered, do not panic as most appliances today are equipped with a safety interlock that will not start the engine if the appliance is not properly closed or powered. This is a safety feature to prevent accidents.

6. What is the maintenance procedure?

The juicers usually do not require any maintenance, but they only need regular cleaning with water to prevent them from sticking inside the juicer and clogging later. This is a very hygienic and efficient procedure that must be followed for each device.

7. How often should the juicer be cleaned?

It is recommended to clean the juicer once a day as it removes the tiny particles that stick inside. This helps to prevent rust or decomposition of machine parts. The juicer is a useful home appliance and helps to prepare fresh juice for the whole family. The juicer is lightweight and easy to clean and was explained in the previous video.

Best Juicers Buying Tips

Here are some of our buying tips to find the best juicers:

1. Total Capacity

The capacity refers to the total amount of juice that can be picked up by the juicer at a time as it is often lacking at the time of purchase. We seem to forget the need and the total amount needed each morning. Some of the juicers are delivered with a pulp collector and the juice is collected by the collector.

2. Power consumption and cable length

Energy consumption is a very important factor in today’s world, where energy efficiency plays an important role and the juicers require a power of about 200W to 800W. Energy consumption is an important factor as you do not want to spend your fortune in the juicers you need for your health.

3. Vacuum base

The vacuum base prevents the unit from falling off the platform and also prevents accidents when the unit is on and the engine is running. This feature is available in almost all appliances such as blenders and food processors.

4th engine

The engine works and causes the device to work. The different juicers include different types of motors that will make the unit work. The juicers with powerful engines have been working for more than three years.

Juicer technology – how does it work ???

There are three different types of juicers that we have already discussed, and each has a different technology based on how it works. The most advanced technology in the field of juicers is the masticating juicer.